Stump removal - prior to stump grinding Stump removal - remotely controlled stump grinding machine in operation Stump removal - on completion of stump grinding A variety of stump grinding machines suitable for all stumps
Stump removal - prior to stump grinding

Stump Removal and Treatment, Chester, Cheshire

Stump removal and stump treatment services across Chester, Cheshire, the North West of England and North Wales.  

When stumps are retained after felling operations, most broadleaved tree species and a few coniferous species (e.g. yew) will produce new shoots. Such regrowth might be acceptable, or even desirable in some situations but if left without treatment the shoots will develop into mature trees similar in proportion to, or even larger than, the original tree.  Listed below are various options available to prevent re-growth.  

Stump grinding

Tree stump removal can be done by grinding out the stump using a stump grinder machine.   Stump grinding is a quick and efficient method of removing unwanted tree stumps which can help prevent the spread of fungal diseases such as honey fungas to neighbouring trees. Arisings from stump grinding are back-filled into the hole enabling the surface to be re-instated. Excess stump grindings can be removed if required.  Prior to commencing any stump grinding work Treefellers Limited are able to check for any underground services prior to commencing any works to ensure they are safeguarded during the stump grinding process. We have a range of stump grinders to suit different tree stumps and locations. 

Whole stump removal

Where whole stump removal is required this can be acheived by grubbing out the stump using one of our excavators and then processed into mulch using a forestry mulcher.  

Stump treatment

Where stump removal is unfeasible or not required, tree stumps can be treated using suitable stump treatments either herbicide or injecting Eco-plugs to prevent re-growth.