Timber extraction using forestry tractor and timber crane Working with large and small woodland owners Forestry winching for timber extraction Tree felling and woodland clearances Mechanical tree felling solutions Forestry mulching provides a cost effective solution, capable of clearing land of unwanted trees and brush.
Timber extraction using forestry tractor and timber crane

Forestry Contractor Services - Cheshire & North West England

We are experienced in undertaking a range of forestry services and completing small and large forestry contracts across Cheshire, North West England and North Wales.   

Our previously completed contracts include those on behalf of private woodland owners and those on behalf of the Forestry Comission.  We are able to undertake one-off or long term forestry contracts. 

Forestry Mulching

We have a range of excavator or tractor mounted forestry mulchers capable of processing small trees, stumps, brash, Rhododendron and scrub. The mulched material can then be left on the ground and will act as an erosion barrier whilst returning nutrients back into the soil.  It is a cost effective and often enviromentally friendly option by limiting disturbance to soil or desirable vegetation.  

Timber Extraction

Our forestry tractor and timber trailer offers flexibility to work on small sensitive sites with a cost effective solution.


With our range of PTO and hydraulic winches we have a winch to suit any application, from single trees to clearfell sites.

Manual Tree Felling

Our skilled operatives are NPTC/FMOC qualified and experienced in tree felling operations. 

Mechanical Tree Felling

We can undertake mechanical tree felling using forestry guarded excavators with a range of attachments  including tree shears, mulchers, timber grabs and various buckets.  Our excavators come complete with FMOC/NPORS qualified operator.